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CEO, Ginelle Mills

“Together, we go far”

Hello, I'm Ginelle, the founder and creator of Box Partie. Some may recognize me from my appearance on the hit ABC show Shark Tank, where I featured a product I invented called Cool Wazoo. Shortly after accepting a deal from Lori Greiner on Shark Tank, I signed a licensing deal with Kids II, which allowed me to take some time to raise my 3 daughters. My story doesn't start or stop with Shark Tank, however. Shark Tank was just a chapter in my journey as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, creator and working professional. All of these roles bring with them ups and downs, success and struggle, but I focus on the one thing all of these roles bring: happiness and laughter! My favorite saying is "Together We Go Far" because really that's the way we get through it: together.

My Story

In March my daughter's "Glamping" birthday party was cancelled due to Covid-19. By mid May we found ourselves attending drive by parties, Zoom graduations and virtual birthday celebrations. After each virtual event, my mind was spinning with ideas about how we could make these parties more fun, organized and, well, “together”. I called my friend and told her about my idea for Box Partie. Ironically, at that time, her 15-year old was attending a Zoom birthday party where the guests were located in different states. Is that a sign or what? For weeks I mapped out in my head what Box Partie would look like; researching like crazy, yet still not making any final decisions about whether or not to move forward with it. Then, in the month of June, I attended a Zoom baby shower that didn’t have the camaraderie, fun or togetherness-feeling I had for so long associated with such a special event in an expectant mother’s life. This realization pushed me to move forward with Box Partie.

I was determined: these events just had to be more "together".

Seemingly overnight, I went from driving my kids all over the Bay Area (something that wasn’t happening obviously, because of COVID) to being glued to a computer screen doing what I do best: designing and creating. My intention with Box Partie is to make your event the most special event you plan all year. If I help you do this, it will have been all worth it!

P.S. My 12 year old daughter came up with the Boba theme, my 14 year old daughter draws for me. How does it get any better than this?

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My mission

Maya Angelou said it best! My mission is to keep improving at being a good person. To be authentic and spread good energy. To be open to new ideas that bring happy memories to your Box Partie by connecting each other "together".

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Pick a theme and the rest of the details are taken care of by Box Partie.

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Wearing matching shirts, playing games, candy and watching movies! That's good ole fashion fun. Guarantee to bring conversations and laughter. 

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This is about you. It's your day, your event, your memories. If you don't see a theme that is "you" connect with us to create something from scratch.